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About Lucy + Norman

Saint Bernard dog Norman looking out of truck with a decal - Lucy + Norman

Meet the pack

Lucy and Norman are sweet and friendly, 180 and 235 lbs, smooth-coated Saint Bernards living in Ontario, Canada just east of Toronto. They hail from a long line of champions from Nerthus Kennels, and acquired many of their phsyical traits from the heavyset mastiff line of Saints. Lucy is 8 years old, and Norman is 5 years old. Lucy is technically Norman’s aunt.

Lucy is the sweetest and the most stubborn of dogs you will ever meet. She's a refined lady who prefers to greet you with a sniff of the ear and a soft, gentle bark when asked to speak on command. She will happily pose for photos all day long like the pro is!

Norman is a happy go lucky goofball who loves nothing more than to sit on your feet and be hugged. He prefers his chin to be wiped dry after having a drink and yet is happiest when he is dirty.

Both will steal your shoes for a rousing game of catch me if you can!

Stay at home dog mom, Jen, is a professional surface pattern and graphic designer, she designed all the products and photographed all the photos you see on our website. She is also a wanderer with no sense of direction and obsessed with adventuring in their RV with her Paramedic partner, Ted, who is the glue that holds them all together.