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About Lucy + Norman

Saint Bernard dog Norman looking out of truck with a decal - Lucy + Norman

Meet the pack

We are fun, lovable road-tripping dogs and we love spreading smiles everywhere we go!

Lucy was the sweetest and the most stubborn of dogs you will have ever met. No way would she let us leave her behind at all, she wanted to go everywhere with us and thus started our wandering adventures. She was a 200 lb. gentle giant of a Saint Bernard who loved everyone and preferred to greet you with a sniff of the ear and had a soft, gentle bark. She was well-loved by many who never met her but followed her adventures for almost a decade on Instagram. She happily posed for photos all day long like the Instagram pro was!

Norman is a laid-back 240 lb Saint who is now blind having developed glaucoma in both of his eyes at the age of 7. But he's still a happy-go-lucky goofball who gets around easily and loves nothing more than to sit on your feet and be hugged. You would never know he has no eyes for all of his wrinkles! He is happiest when he is road-tripping or wrestling with Nola.

We added Nola soon after losing Lucy to help Norman get around. She happily leads him around on walks or down the stairs and helps him find his way when he gets lost at the dog park. She's a long-haired Saint and an intense, high-energy, and cuddly girl who brought the fun back to all of us. She runs like the wind and we call her the thoroughbred of Saint Bernards.

We wanted to add to our pack but just didn't have room for another giant so a smol little bean, Ellie, a lilac French Bulldog joined our pack recently. She's a little 20 lb. tank that keeps Nola busy playing and greets Norman with kisses every chance she gets. She's a whole other level of fun and so now we're officially a big and little dog family!

And the hoomans are stay-at-home dog mom Jen, a professional graphic designer, who designs all the products on our website and is mostly behind the camera for our social accounts. She is also a wanderer with no sense of direction and obsessed with adventuring in their RV with her Paramedic husband, Ted, who is the glue that holds them all together.