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HUNTER Swiss Collars

beautifully natural and especially durable leather, Hunter Swiss collars look particularly stunning on the majestic Saint Bernard or the Bernese Mountain Dog. 

These thick, durable collars are built to last a lifetime and age beautifully over time for an enduring style. Our all time favourite collars for Lucy and Norman are sure to add stunning style to any breed, big or small.

Made in Germany from organic, full-grain leathers of the finest stock, they are exclusively vegetable-tanned, processed and dyed, removing the risk of harmful chemicals entering the environment. The classic swiss crosses are individually bordered and sewn with additional reinforcement. The processing of the highest quality, sustainable raw materials makes them pleasantly soft and supple. For comfort, these collars are lined with soft cowhide nappa leather.

Lucy wears the X Large (75) red collar with a comfortable fit.